A B O U T   U S

Carl and Gosta met in 2002 and began a successful collaboration. With quite different musical backgrounds it seems like Carl and Gosta are the perfect match for creating pop songs in the unique style of HitparkMusic.


Carl Hammar

Began his musical experience back in the early 80's. Influenced by the new romantic era and bands like, Depeche mode, Kraftwerk and Ultravox, he played in a few band constellations, but after discovering the possibilities of reel to reel recorders and drum-machines, he founded his own studio complex, Graplur Studios, which has been constantly improved and upgraded ever since. For the last 10 years Carl has been working full time with music.


Gosta Hulden

Started his career as singer, guitarist and songwriter in the Swedish punk band "Fågel Blå" in the late 80's. Later he formed the pop band Cascade in which he played guitar and wrote the songs. Cascade was a blend between catchy pop tunes and the energy of punk music. With both bands he has released records and done a lot of touring. When Cascade finally split up, Gosta decided to focus on songwriting and producing. His favorite part of the process is vocal producing, where he is very experienced.